Proficiency in English

According to Resolution No. 11/PPGESE/2019, students regularly enrolled in the PPGESE master's program must prove proficiency in English, at least at reading level, within one year of their initial enrollment in the program, at a level equivalent to or higher than the proficiency exam offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (DLLE/UFSC).

To prove proficiency in English, the student must present one of the following exams, within its validity period, with the respective minimum score/certification in the respective section of the exam:

Exam Score/Minimum Certification Exam Section
TOEFL ITP 47 Reading
TOEFL IBT 13 Reading
Cambridge B1 Preliminary -
IELTS 6,0 Reading
Reading Proficiency Exam - DLLE/UFSC 7,0 -

The student must send the certificate to the secretary's e-mail address ( to register the proficiency.