History of PPGESE

The Campus of Joinville started its activities in August 2009, starting with the Program to Support the Restructuring and Expansion Plan of the Brazilian Federal Universities in 2008. Its objective is to conduct teaching, research and extension, which is aimed at training high technical and management competence, focusing on the development of technical systems in the vehicular field (automobile, metro and railway, maritime, fluvial, air, space and mechatronics) and in the study of scenarios and projects to solve problems of infrastructure, operation and maintenance of Transport systems. Since 2009, the Joinville campus has held competitions for the selection of professors to meet the needs of the Mechatronics Engineering course and also the needs of the other courses in the areas of Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Among them, some carried out research and extension activities in the area of ​​electronic systems concentration through the interaction with companies and orientation of undergraduate students in the campus of Joinville and Florianópolis through scientific initiation fellowships (PIBIC and PIBITI programs). In addition, a considerable number of teachers have previous experience or continue to work in other post-graduate programs, advising or co-advising master and Ph.D. programs.

In addition, these professors have shown a significant scientific production in the research lines of Embedded Systems and Electronic Power Systems. This production is expressed mainly by publications in journals indexed by the Qualis / CAPES system, reflected by the DPI / DPD indexes of the engineering committee IV (see course characterization) and by the participation of research projects involving other national and foreign institutions. In this context, the need to strengthen research activities at the Joinville campus in the area of ​​electronic systems in the scope of postgraduate studies became evident, as well as the integration of professors through research activities.

Therefore, the master program in Electronic Systems Engineering originated from the need to expand the expertise in the area of ​​electronic systems. The two research lines of this course are aimed at studying the general principles of analysis and design of embedded software / hardware, antennas, automation and digital control, electrical drives and power electronics, common areas to the seven existing engineering courses at the Joinville campus.