Curriculum Structure

The curricular structure of the UFSC Master’s Program in Electronic Systems Engineering is strongly based on interdisciplinarity and academic rigor, providing students with the necessary knowledge to meet the national needs in their study area.

For degree completion, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete 18 course credits, obtaining grade equal or higher to 7.0 in each course, including two required courses (each PPGESE course has up to 3 credits, which are equivalent to 45 classroom hours);
  • Show proof of instrumental English proficiency, according to the resolution 03/PPGESE/2017;
  • Pass the Qualifying Exam, submitted and presented to an examining committee, showing the feasibility of the student’s research work, its preliminary results and good prospects for the thesis defense;
  • Pass the Thesis Defense, submitted and defended before an examining committee, with the final results of the research.