Research Laboratories and Infrastructure

Main research laboratories

The research infrastructure of the PPGESE is in constant evolution. Its laboratories are used by faculty members for their technical and scientific production and also by students for their research projects, allowing them to practice and accomplish the steps of their master’s study plans.

Our main research laboratories are:

 - Automation and Control Systems Laboratory (LASC)

- Software/Hardware Integration Laboratory (LISHA)

- Electromobility and Renewable Energy Laboratory (Emoby)

- Welding Technology Laboratory (LTS)

Controle de sistemas veiculares - Modelagem - Mecatrônica - Automação

Sistemas embarcados - Computação de tempo real - Internet das Coisas

Conversores estáticos - Compatibilidade - Máquinas e acionamentos - Energias renováveis

Instrumentação e automação de processos de soldagem - Física da soldagem - Soldagem industrial

Support infrastructure

Joinville Campus Library

The Joinville Campus Library gathers an important collection in the areas of Engineering, Exact Sciences and Earth Sciences. The collection is used as a support resource for undergraduate and graduate programs on Joinville Campus.

The main services offered are: electronic access to the library’s collection through the Pergamum data base; access to the CAPES Portal; loans; wireless access; document delivery services; interlibrary loan; support to research and  guidance on the standardization of technical-scientific papers; access to the online mechanism for references (MORE).

Teaching spaces

PPGESE has an exclusive air-conditioned classroom equipped with multimedia projector and computer  where most of the master’s classes are held. This exclusive classroom also hosts the PPGESES qualifying exams and theses defenses.

In addition, the program has a videoconference room with a plasma TV where remote academic events, such as long distance defenses, remote classes, and others, are held.