Permanent Faculty Members
Name Lattes CV and email Areas of interest CNPq Research Productivity Fellowship
Alexandro Garro Brito
Robust and nonlinear control
Industrial automation, sensors and actuators
Control of vehicle systems (automotive, aerospace, etc.)
Anderson Wedderhoff Spengler
Hardware/Software integration
MEMS and fiber-optic sensors
Energy Harvesting
Diego Santos Greff
Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Static Converters and PWM Rectifiers
Renewable Energy
Gian Ricardo Berkenbrock
Discrete-event and distributed simulation
System modeling
Embedded systems (wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things)
Software testing
Giovani Gracioli
Operating systems
Dedicated systems (embedded, parallel and distributed systems)
Hugo Rolando Estofanero Larico
Power Electronics
Static Converters
João Pedro Assumpção Bastos
Finite Element Methods
Magnetic Systems and Devices
Juan Camilo Castellanos Rodriguez

Electronic and integrated circuit design
Low Power converters / On-chip /
Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
Kleber Vieira de Paiva

Heat tube and heat exchanger experiments and instrumentation
Embedded system experiments
Microgravity experiments
Moisés Ferber de Vieira Lessa
Electromagnetic compatibility
Renewable Energy 
Pablo Andretta Jaskowiak
Data mining
Attribute selection and analysis of gene expression data
Tiago Vieira da Cunha
Arc welding processes
Electric arc physics
Welding automation
Collaborating Faculty Members
Aline Durrer Patelli Juliani

Electric Machines
Motor Drives and Controls
Finite Elements Methods
Jorge Luiz Goes Oliveira
Flow measurement
Multiphase and dispersed flows
Optical measurements - PIV/PVT